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Meet the Artist




LOCATION: Fairways Bar & Grill at Provo Golf Club

DATE : Saturday - Dec 21st, 2019

TIME: From 1 PM to 3 PM


H will soon be presenting his body of work in a solo exhibition in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Paintings will be on display and available for purchase in the gallery.

If you wish to be informed of any changes on show dates, times and location, please let us know below. 

Thank you. See you at the show!



Rich with hidden treasures the sea surrounds,


measures its might against confining land;


anciently receiving all ingredients of life,


Harboring chance molecules that replicate,


grow intricate, that garner information, evolve


into fullness of life’s surviving


occupiers of the planet. What power


greater than fostering earliest life?



For humans, the sea is mystery, beauty, and fear;


it feeds us, bears our ships, leads everywhere,


encourages exploration with small and daring


adventurer bands, carries commerce on its back,


lets humans voyage and spread throughout the earth,


respecting its power to render freer breath,


sought wealth, or lives struck down beneath their sails.


Mightier than riches, stronger than life or death;


until explosion of the sun, its sovereign power prevails.



                                                                      Josiah Marvel




In generous support of my artistic endeavors my close friend Josiah Marvel - historian, linguist, adventurer and poet, has allowed me to publish his poem about the ocean.


The horizon is as far away as you can see unless you look up at the sky or are as far out into the universe that the Earth shows as a true globe (if you don’t see the entire circumference of the Earth in one "take", the bit that’s left and unseen is really what makes the rest of the "picture" a horizon).

The horizon is the visual edge of the globe and most expressively so over water. The human eye is almost globular, and I don’t know if that’s why we perceive the double globular as straight and level even when it scientifically is not.

Water has a tendency to look level when it is "at rest", a faculty it shares with most liquids. A spirit level is a tool for builders and others to establish or confirm whether an object appears level with the horizon, and thus feels at rest and "right". A level spirit would be more esoteric, and perhaps a bit less pertinent to the subject at hand, although not wholly without tangent to this web site and my paintings.

At sea, the horizon is always a matter of earthly fact and of impact to your navigation or wellbeing whether you can perceive it or not (as when hidden from direct view by darkness, atmospheric or meteorological conditions). 
The sense of physical and often mental balance (equilibrium) is enhanced by one's perception of a steady horizon, whereas the lack of perceived equilibrium may cause mental or physical unease - in the latter case, seasickness.

A lifelong enthusiasm for being on, in or just looking at the sea, has ingrained in me the allure of the horizon. What lies beyond?
In my "soul" I'm not wholly comfortable without it.

Not surprisingly then, that I like to include a horizon in many of my paintings, be it somewhat obviously depicted in a seascape or just hinted at by a horizontal line in a more abstract piece. It makes me feel at home in the element of the physical or metaphorical salty sea, and I hope some of you who view these small or larger pieces of inspiration and efforts, can share the experience I try
to convey.

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